HOTEYE is an on the spot, on-time, web based telemetry GIS (Geographic Information System) management and alert system for personal computer, laptop, and advanced mobile phones. Designed for users on the move who are serious about management and control with on-time feedback.

How to enhance your HOTEYE viewing experience (do this before you login):
HOTEYE recognises your computer screen resolution when accessing the login page. It is therefore beneficial to follow these instructions:

- Set your computer screen to optimal viewing resolution.
- Open your internet browser of choice and set the zoom level to 75% or 50%.
- Press F11 on your keyboard to hide the internet browser address bar.
- Press F5 on your keyboard to refresh the HOTEYE login page. This will allow the HOTEYE system to update your screen size settings.
- Navigate to
- Now you can enter your login details as described below.

(You can press F11 again to restore the address bar or by moving your mouse to the very top of your computer screen)

How to log in:
First time users please login with the username and password provided by HOTSURE:

- Enter your username (not case sensitive).
- Enter your password (case sensitive).
- Then click on the "login" button.

How to change your login details:

- Login using your HOTEYE provided username and password.
- Click on the "Manage" drop-down menu button at the top left hand corner of your screen and click the "User Account" button.
- A new small form window will open with your current account details.
- Please update the form and replace the username and encrypted password.
- Click the "Update" button at the bottom of the form to save your new information.
- The form will refresh showing your new information and the following text message will appear at the bottom of the page: "User successfully updated".
- You can now safely close the form by clicking on the white "X" in the top right hand corner of the form.

Important: For security purposes please change your HOTSURE provided username and/or password.

How to recover your login details:
It is not possible to recover your login details on the HOTEYE system as it is encrypted. Contact 0861HOTCALL (0861 468 225) or send an email to to apply for new login details. A new username and password will be created and sent to your HOTEYE account email address and/or mobile phone number.

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